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Reminder: May/June half term week: Monday, May 30th - Friday June 3rd.
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6th July 2020



This week we are thinking about holidays.Maybe show your child some photographs of a past family holiday and ask them questions or talk to your child about different holidays.Encourage them to talk in sentences and model new words that they could use.

Watch My First Holiday on Cbeebies BBC First Holiday-CBeebies-BBC

Ask your child to plan a holiday. How would they  go on holidays ,car ,caravan ,ferry ,train or aeroplane.

Are they going somewhere hot or cold? What would they pack in their bag?


Encourage your child to mark make a picture of  a vehicle to take them on their holiday. If your child is confident in naming sounds let them try to write what it is saying the word slowly and stretching out the different sounds.If your child is not ready for this they can mark make some 'writing' by making symbols and marks including lines crosses circles and dots.


This week try looking at Pre Writing Activities for Preschoolers for some creative fun ideas.

Also look at Penpals Curly Caterpillar letters to develop letter formation .

c a d g q o e s f.

Remember to practise the letters in a large multi sensory way at first before the children try using a pencil or pen.


Share the book 'Spot Goes on Holiday' by Eric Hill

Ask the children to describe the pictures and recall the events .

Ask then what happens first in the story ,what happens next and how does the story finish.

Perhaps they could make their own book about a holiday. 


Use BBC Sound Stimulus to develop the children's knowledge of environmental sounds.

Use Top Marks Website for some fun games to develop the children's knowledge of Phase 2 sounds.

Play Mrs Gallivan's sound game, see below. 



Try making a number train.Write a number from 0 to 10 on each carriage.Ask the children to read the number and put the carriages in the correct order.Ask the children to point to each number as it is called out.Let the children count out objects to represent people to match to the correct number.Emphasis that there is one more person in each carriage.Challenge your child to count backwards from 10 to 0 but modify to 0 to 5 if your child is developing confidence with numbers.When all the numbers are in the correct order and the right numbers of people are in the carriages the train can start it's journey. Choo! Choo!




Guess This Sound - 2

Still image for this video