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Parents/Carers are invited to meet with Estyn on Monday 4th July 3:45pm in the school hall.
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Cosmic Chapters being read by Miss R

As we didn't get a chance to finish our class book I will be uploading the last few chapters on here! Listen along and you can let me know what you think will happen next by email or on our google classroom! 


I look forward to hearing from you! Miss R :)

Chaper 28 - Themoonyouidiot

Chapter 29 - An Unscheduled Diversion - Part 1.wma

Chapter 29 - An Unscheduled Diversion - part 2

Chapter 29 - An Unscheduled Diversion - Part 3 (last part of this long chapter!)

Chapter 30 - Dark Side of the Moon

Chapter 31 - Doing the dadly thing

Chapter 32 - Logic says

Chapter 33 - This is not a simulation

Chapter 34 - We got a bit lost

Chapter 35 - Special gravity (This is the final chapter)