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Next INSET Day is March 12th.
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Finding doubles

Today we will be learning how to find doubles to 10. To find a double you add the same number to it. For example, double 5 is the same as 5 + 5. Watch the teaching video below. 


Red/Blue: Uploaded doubles questions on website. Work out the doubles and write an addition sentence.


Yellow: Uploaded doubles questions on website.


Orange/Green: Uploaded doubles questions on website.




You can practice your doubles using a variety of resources! Remember- find the amount you want to double and then add the same amount of objects.

Bug Club

You can also access Maths games via your Bug Club log-ins. Every week I will upload one or two games for you to play. 

Challenge Maths- optional task

Doubling is the same as the 2 x tables! Double 3 is the same as 2 x 3. Double 4 is the same as

2 x 4.  


Can you write these doubles questions as the 2 x table?


Double 7 is 2 x ___

Double 9 is ________

Double 5 is ________

Double 6 is ________

Double 2 is ________


You might want to try and answer these double questions!