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Every Friday whole school newsletters are uploaded to the News and Events section and Class Newsletters are uploaded to the Children's Section under Class Pages. Thank you for sharing the wonderful home learning activities you are doing with your children.
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Miss Roberts' Class Adventures

Durriya's Adventures

Durriya's Adventures 1 I created a face!
Durriya's Adventures 2 A home for ants!
Durriya's Adventures 3 Working hard!
Durriya's Adventures 4 I painted 'Anna' and 'Elsa' from Frozen!
Durriya's Adventures 5

Roman's Adventures

Roman's Adventures 1 Playing Jumanji!
Roman's Adventures 2 Doing some home learning
Roman's Adventures 3 Playing with my doggies
Roman's Adventures 4

Talia's Adventures

Talia's Adventures 1 I drew a 70 year old version of myself!
Talia's Adventures 2 Practising my numbers
Talia's Adventures 3 Reading my favourite story!

Zayyan's Adventures

Zayyan's Adventures 1 Having fun blowing bubbles!
Zayyan's Adventures 2 Practising my numbers
Zayyan's Adventures 3
Zayyan's Adventures 4 Preparing for the opening of the fast

Faye's Adventures

Faye's Adventures 1 Getting crafty!
Faye's Adventures 2 Enjoying some home learning
Faye's Adventures 3

Amane's Adventures

Amane's Adventures 1 Playing with my dolls
Amane's Adventures 2 Enjoying some reading
Amane's Adventures 3 I made a sunbed for my barbie!
Amane's Adventures 4

Nali's Adventures

Nali's Adventures 1 Getting creative!
Nali's Adventures 2
Nali's Adventures 3
Nali's Adventures 4 Riding my bike!

Lucian's Adventures

Lucian's Adventures 1 Building with Lego and lots of learning!
Lucian's Adventures 2 Reading!
Lucian's Adventures 3 I made cupcakes!
Lucian's Adventures 4
Lucian's Adventures 5 Yummy!

Bobby's Adventures

Bobby's Adventures 1 Painting butterflies.
Bobby's Adventures 2 Baking
Bobby's Adventures 3 Yummy!
Bobby's Adventures 4 Joe Wicks Workouts
Bobby's Adventures 5 Thank you NHS
Bobby's Adventures 6 Easter hat making
Bobby's Adventures 7 Baking
Bobby's Adventures 8 Making a recycled bird feeder
Bobby's Adventures 9
Bobby's Adventures 10
Bobby's Adventures 11 Playing shops
Bobby's Adventures 12
Bobby's Adventures 13 Painting
Bobby's Adventures 14 Rainbow Foam
Bobby's Adventures 15 Sorting colours and building Lego
Bobby's Adventures 16 Meet the cast of frozen!
Bobby's Adventures 17 Playing with my cat, Moj
Bobby's Adventures 18 Caring for my bear
Bobby's Adventures 19 A spot of gardening!
Bobby's Adventures 20
Bobby's Adventures 21
Bobby's Adventures 22
Bobby's Adventures 23 We built a shelter!
Bobby's Adventures 24

Lola's Adventures

Lola's Adventures 1 Thank you NHS
Lola's Adventures 2 I planted sunflower seeds!
Lola's Adventures 3 Relaxing in the sun
Lola's Adventures 4 Playing bingo
Lola's Adventures 5 Playing in the paddling pool
Lola's Adventures 6 Going for a walk around the stream
Lola's Adventures 7 I sorted my Lego into colours
Lola's Adventures 8 Practising my high-frequency words
Lola's Adventures 9 Planting seeds and making a fairy garden
Lola's Adventures 10 I created a police station with Lego!
Lola's Adventures 11 I built a den!

Kailan's Adventures

Kailan's Adventures 1 Practising my numbers! :)

Hudson's Adventures

Hudson's Adventures 1 I made a board game!
Hudson's Adventures 2 Baking
Hudson's Adventures 3
Hudson's Adventures 4 We painted rocks for people to find
Hudson's Adventures 5 Thank you NHS
Hudson's Adventures 6 We watched caterpillars grow into butterflies!
Hudson's Adventures 7 Finding lovely rocks!
Hudson's Adventures 8
Hudson's Adventures 9

Jacob's Adventures

Jacob's Adventures 1 Baking
Jacob's Adventures 2
Jacob's Adventures 3 Building with Lego
Jacob's Adventures 4
Jacob's Adventures 5 Learning :)

Anaya's Adventures

Anaya's Adventures 1 Thank you NHS
Anaya's Adventures 2
Anaya's Adventures 3
Anaya's Adventures 4
Anaya's Adventures 5 Enjoying my walks in the sunshine :)
Anaya's Adventures 6 Yummy!

Kaden's Adventures

Kaden's Adventures 1 Dress up!
Kaden's Adventures 2 Baking

Harrison's Adventures

Harrison's Adventures 1 Sonic the hedgehog
Harrison's Adventures 2 Brotherly love
Harrison's Adventures 3
Harrison's Adventures 4 Some eggs hatched in our bird box!
Harrison's Adventures 5 Digging for worms
Harrison's Adventures 6 Dress up!
Harrison's Adventures 7
Harrison's Adventures 8
Harrison's Adventures 9 Painting my fence
Harrison's Adventures 10 Painting plant pots
Harrison's Adventures 11 Keeping fit with Joe Wicks!
Harrison's Adventures 12
Harrison's Adventures 13 We hid rocks for other children to find!
Harrison's Adventures 14 Fun in the pool!

Taban's Adventures

Taban's Adventures 1 Baking!

Kamal's Adventures

Kamal's Adventures 1 Playing trains
Kamal's Adventures 2 Fun on my trampoline!
Kamal's Adventures 3
Kamal's Adventures 4
Kamal's Adventures 5 I've been word building!

Louis' Adventures

Louis' Adventures 1 Planting flowers
Louis' Adventures 2
Louis' Adventures 3
Louis' Adventures 4 My cat Poppy had five kittens!
Louis' Adventures 5
Louis' Adventures 6 Poppy

Ella's Adventures

Ella's Adventures 1

Lizzie's Adventures

Lizzie's Adventures 1 Planting peppers
Lizzie's Adventures 2
Lizzie's Adventures 3 Enjoying some time in the outdoors!
Lizzie's Adventures 4 A lovely walk in the sunshine
Lizzie's Adventures 5

Noah's Adventures

Noah's Adventures 1 Driving my favourite car

Sophia's Adventures

Sophia's Adventures 1 Getting crafty!
Sophia's Adventures 2 Practising my handwriting
Sophia's Adventures 3
Sophia's Adventures 4 Finding colourful stones!

Tiannah's Adventures

Tiannah's Adventures 1 I lost two teeth!

Parya's Adventures

Parya's Adventures 1 Working hard in my home learning books! :)