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Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track!
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Miss Woolfall's Class Adventures

Soffia's outdoor adventures

Toby is working hard

Joshua's fun times

Soffia's messy fun

Joshua's exciting week

Toby's home learning

Liann's home learning

Jordan has been working hard

Leo's fun times

Florence's busy week

Soffia's adventures

Liann's adventures

Healthy Lacey

Joshua has been doing lots of learning

Zaid has been getting creative

Lacey's fun activity

Maria has been having lots of fun

Joshua's adventures

George has been busy

Lacey is fundraising for her gymnastics club by doing 101 skips a day in June!

Violet's home adventures

Florence's busy week

Zaid's science experiment

Eli's fun week

Leo's Outdoor Fun

Maria's home adventures

Jordan's been having fun

Liann's adventures

George's fun week

Soffia's wonderful week

Violet has been making the most of the wonderful weather!

Lacey's home adventures

Liann's home learning

George's creative week

What has Florence been up to?

Joshua's fun week

Soffia's home activities

Toby has been exploring

Winter's home adventures

Eli's fantastic week!

Florence's busy week

Look what Jacob has been doing

Joshua's home adventures

What has Jordan been doing this week?

Liann has been busy

Let's see what has kept Violet busy

Lots of fun in Jordan's house

Eli has been very busy!

Look what George has been up to!

Soffia has been getting creative!

Ellie made some delicious cakes, yum yum!

Florence has been having lots of fun!

Joshua made his own Easter eggs, yummy!