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Every Friday whole school newsletters are uploaded to the News and Events section and Class Newsletters are uploaded to the Children's Section under Class Pages. Thank you for sharing the wonderful home learning activities you are doing with your children.
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Miss Woolfall's Class Adventures

Soffia's outdoor adventures

Playing football
Soffia with her sisters
Playing football

Toby is working hard

Finding numbers on the number square

Joshua's fun times

Joshua made his own tie dye t-shirt! It looks fab!

Soffia's messy fun

Soffia and her sister made some scented slime
Soffia has worked hard to finish all her workbooks

Joshua's exciting week

Joshua's yummy cake
Happy birthday Joshua!
A great present for your birthday
Enjoying the fresh air

Toby's home learning

Using cubes to solve the problems
Great work Toby!
Having some fun with threading

Liann's home learning

Great work!
Liann has finished all of her workbooks, well done

Jordan has been working hard

Such a lovely smile, working hard!

Leo's fun times

Working hard
Playing football
Helping to paint the table
Eating a yummy cake

Florence's busy week

Having fun on Maths Factor
Florence got a certificate from Maths Factor
Having a picnic in Roath Park
Making some crafts for Father's Day
Making mini pizzas
Playing a game at lunchtime
Making some crafts to help Mummy with her business

Soffia's adventures

Working hard on her learning
Soffia and her sister went for a walk
Soffia's sunflower is starting to grow

Liann's adventures

Liann and her sister on a walk
Climbing in the trees
Working hard on letter formation

Healthy Lacey

Lacey made some fruit kebabs
They look delicious, and very healthy!

Joshua has been doing lots of learning

Learning some new blends
Playing snakes and ladders
Joshua created a fortune teller

Zaid has been getting creative

He made a snake
He made some binoculars

Lacey's fun activity

Dressing as a cheerleader for her gymnastics class

Maria has been having lots of fun

Making a fruit smoothie
Planting lentils ... look how much they have grown
Blowing bubbles
Working hard
Making a fairy wand
Riding on her bike
Flying a kite

Joshua's adventures

Climbing on trees
Balancing carefully
Posting a letter to Nanny and Bampy

George has been busy

George built a bird table
Learning how to ride his bike without stabilisers

Lacey is fundraising for her gymnastics club by doing 101 skips a day in June!

Violet's home adventures

A homemade slip 'n' slide - looks like fun!
Exploring the woods and climbing trees
Making a dinosaur using milk bottles & paper mache
It looks very scary indeed

Florence's busy week

Following a video to practise her drawing
Taking a paddle in the river
They went on a fairy hunt and look what they found
Practising her spelling with some online fun games

Zaid's science experiment

Zaid put some skittles in water ...
Wow, look, all the colours have disappeared!

Eli's fun week

Eli and his sister
Playing in the paddling pool
Chilling in the sun
Eli and his brother

Leo's Outdoor Fun

Leo & Iwan at Pontprennau Hub School
Looking safe and ready to go out
What a happy face!
Feeding the ducks
That is a big stick
He found a painted rock

Maria's home adventures

Painting Mickey Mouse
Great painting with her brother
Working hard on her sounds
Well done Maria!

Jordan's been having fun

Playing in the paddling pool
A fantastic watch
Making pictures ready for a game
Playing pairs with his brother
Working hard on his home learning

Liann's adventures

Out on her scooter
Liann found a squirrel in the tree
Out on a walk

George's fun week

Playing bowling and adding the scores
Making some dinosaurs
A cake for George's daddy - it looks delicious!

Soffia's wonderful week

Soffia and her sister out on a walk
They found something magical ...
Fairy doors!!
Practising her handwriting

Violet has been making the most of the wonderful weather!

Getting creative
Violet created a colourful butterfly and frog
Playing in the water
Playing in the sand
Completing an obstacle course

Lacey's home adventures

Practising some gymnastics at home

Liann's home learning

Working hard
Great doubling and number sentences

George's creative week

A great headband
And a tiger one too
Taking pictures of his home adventures

What has Florence been up to?

Look at their tie-dye t-shirts
A wonderful new rainbow painted in her bedroom
Concentrating on the video to draw the pictures
Working hard on some maths work

Joshua's fun week

A fun maths game
Counting the coins
Eating challenges, cooking and turning hair green!

Soffia's home activities

Ready for her virtual karate lesson
Celebrating VE day
Using the computer to write about the beach
Working hard on reading and matching
Solving the number bonds problems
Soffia found a NHS rock in her community

Toby has been exploring

Learning how to take pictures on his nature walk

Winter's home adventures

Winter can now ride her bike without stabilisers!
The toys are frozen, what should Winter do?
Planting mustard and pea seeds
Winter made a fairy garden

Eli's fantastic week!

Having his karate lessons on Zoom
Receiving a new patch for super karate
Using his senses at the beach to do his writing
Enjoying the quiet beach

Florence's busy week

Deciding the order of how to travel to Spain
Packed and ready to go on their imaginary holiday
Checking their passports
Enjoying a Tapas lunch
Florence made some yummy cupcakes for her family
Working hard

Look what Jacob has been doing

Making the dough
Kneading the dough
Putting on the toppings
It looks very yummy!

Joshua's home adventures

Out walking
Baking some cookies
Having a haircut
Playing number games on the computer

What has Jordan been doing this week?

Counting the fruit for the smoothies, yum!
Measuring play-dough snakes
Creating a castle

Liann has been busy

Baking some pastries
Playing Maths games on the iPad

Let's see what has kept Violet busy

Violet painted a rainbow
Look at her rainbow family in the window
Violet working hard
Some yummy looking rice krispie cakes
Scrumptious cakes
A colourful elephant made using a milk bottle

Lots of fun in Jordan's house

Reading the words and collecting coins
Checking the weather
Look at all those bright yellow buttercups
Making his own mask to be The Masked Singer
A lovely finger painted heart

Eli has been very busy!

A super knight!
Eli with his big brother
Eli's invented animal was a 'shorse'
Scooting around
Getting creative
Some yummy cakes

Look what George has been up to!

Baking a cake
Painting a rainbow for the window
Working hard on his home learning
Going on a scooter ride
George found a painted stone in his community

Soffia has been getting creative!

Some yummy rice krispie cakes
Great colouring Soffia
A lovely picture

Ellie made some delicious cakes, yum yum!

Florence has been having lots of fun!

She created a big giraffe with her family
It's now in her window, have a look out for it!
Florence released some butterflies
Super work on telling the time
Good work halving the amounts Florence
Great fine motor skills using the playdough
Lovely handwriting Florence!

Joshua made his own Easter eggs, yummy!