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Parents/Carers are invited to meet with Estyn on Monday 4th July 3:45pm in the school hall.
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Wednesday 6th January

Literacy - WALT: ask and answer questions in conversation

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Numeracy- WALT: subtract 9 & 11

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Humanities - History - WALT: explore how castles have changed over time

Early castles were small and built from wood, but soon people were building larger castles made from stone. Explore this bitesize age and be sure to watch the video from English Heritage to see how castles developed over time.

Task: complete a KWL grid regarding castles - please see my attached template. 

Outdoor Learning - Sound Map

  1. Draw  a map of your garden or outdoor environment of your house. 
  2. Stand or sit outside and listen.
  3. When you hear a sound write or draw what and where the sound is on the map.

Outdoor Learning - I Spy

  1. Stand outside your house or look out the window.
  2. Try to spot something beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

You can be creative and use adjectives to help you with some of the tricky ones too!