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Ch Sound

1. Ah, Ah, Ah, CHOOO!

For children working on /ch/ at the word level, here is a fun “sneezing” game you can play.

Place one (or several!) tissues on the table in front of the child.

Discuss proper tongue placement (seal tongue around hard palate right behind upper front teeth) and review that “burst” of air that is released.

As the child practices the burst of air, make a game of it!

Have them say “Ah, CHOO!” and if the air was sufficient, the tissues should be sent flying across the table.

This is a great visual demonstration of the burst of air required to make the accurate /ch/ sound.


2. Build  A Choo Choo Track!

Supplies: Wooden Train Tracks & Train.

What child wouldn't like building a train track?!

If you can get your hands on some little wooden tracks, this would be a fun activity to elicit /ch/ words (and any other speech goals you are working on too!)

Show the child a flashcard of a ch word and have them say the word ten times.

For every ten correct productions, they earn a “choo choo track.”

Watch the track grow and curve as you elicit numerous productions from the child.

When the track is complete give the child a ‘choo choo train” and let them practice saying “choo choo!” as they run the train on the tracks.