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Sh Sound

1. Shaving Cream!

There is no better way to elicit the /sh/ sound than letting a child play with shaving cream!

(You could even use whipping cream and call it shaving cream… smells AND tastes better!)

Use a cookie sheet and have the child listen to the sound as the shaving cream sprays out. Have them imitate the sound with each little squirt.

Then you can have the child make designs on the cookie sheet… simple things that start with /sh/ like “ship” or “shell.” 

Another way to elicit the /sh/ sound is by talking about how you have to be quiet with a baby. Children love saying “shhhhh” as if to shush somebody.

Talk in whispers and practise saying “SHHHHH.” You could hide a baby doll somewhere in the room and have the child search the room while they say “SHHHH!"


2. Rain Shower

Print or draw a picture of an umbrella.

Cut out raindrops or just draw them on the paper and write /sh/ on the umbrella. Have the child(ren) flip over flashcards and say each word ten times.

Then they can write the word on a raindrop (and glue it on if you are using blue construction paper for raindrops).

Once all the raindrops are filled up with /sh/ words, ask the child to say each word using the carrier phrase “My rain shower has a ____.” 


3, Shiny Shoes

Find a pair of large shiny shoes or just a large pair to make the activity fun.

Have the child step into the shoes at one end of the room.

Then, moving down the /sh/ word list, tell the child they can take a step in the shoes every time they pronounce the 'sh' sound correctly in isolation or in a word.

When they finally reach the other end of the room (or hallway etc.) they can receive a reward (sticker, treat, whatever you use a motivator.)